Thomas F. Brennan
Managing Partner

"Be challenged in your work."

Thomas F. Brennan has over 18 years of utility planning and design experience in land development of residential, commercial, and mixed usage in-fill projects. His experience includes electrical design and dry utility coordination on large planned area developments within the Phoenix Metro Valley. He has been successful with utility companies and local municipalities in contract and construction
negotiations. His experience also includes an integrated knowledge of the utility industry’s engineering specifications, construction methods, and rate and regulation policies.

His performance in project management illustrates the comprehensive understanding in partnership development when dealing with complex construction projects. Specifically, the team effort required for the installation of 33 miles of fiber optic line within the 230kV power corridor, or the conversion of 230kV electrical facilities along the south side of the Rio Salado Project.

Mr. Brennan received a BSBA from the University of Phoenix in 1992. Affiliations include the Phoenix Chamber of Commerce and Junior Achievement. Thomas has spent the last 25 years in Phoenix during the city’s unprecedented growth, and continues to sponsor the valley’s art, education and community programs.

His professional field of practice includes the utility planning for general land development with the direct impact of mixed land usage and transportation issues, including contracts and negotiations, utility cost modeling, supply chain management, and building relationships with laborers, vendors, and sub-suppliers. His extensive experience provides an integrated knowledge of utility (energy & communication) industry requirements; i.e., design, engineering, planning, construction methods, rates, and pricing.

Tom continues to study architecture and urban planning, inter-modal transportation electrical and communication technologies specific to the light-rail transit system, transit station architecture, and integrated traffic with pedestrian flow studies. Case studies include neighborhood redevelopment and municipality in-fill projects, zoning, and community impact with land assemblage issues, i.e., right-of-way, easements, and “utility prior rights” issues.

Memberships Include:

  • Home Builders Association of Central Arizona
  • National Association of Home Builders
  • Valley Partnership
  • Southern Arizona Home Builders Association
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