"I found Utility West to be very efficient and resourceful, as they have played a significant role in our due diligence projects. They have continuously provided us with quality service, and the information they provide was accurate, helpful and done within budget.

I would recommend Utility West as a cost-effective resource to assist anyone needing information on utilities, infrastructure and the other components of preliminary design."

Chris R. Bertch
Planner Stantec Consulting, Inc.

With his management skills, Mr. Brennan successfully negotiated partnerships with APS, SRP, and Electric Wavelength for the construction of 33-mile fiber-optic line within the 230kV power corridor from the Pinnacle Peak substation (north Scottsdale) to the Ocotillo substation (Tempe). In addition, he spearheaded the management team’s efforts with ASU, the City of Tempe, and APS for the conversion of overhead to underground electrical facilities north of the stadium, known as the Rio Salado 230kV Underground Project. He also represented APS’ economic development position to target electrical and telecommunication clients, i.e., master planned communities with residential subdivisions and commercial usage. Mr. Brennan acted as the company’s liaison for customers first point-of-contact in establishing new accounts, determining service rates, setting meters, providing energy billing, addressing reliability issues, project management, and utility cost modeling. He also provided electrical design and primary line agreements for clients and prepared necessary economic feasibility studies.


Utility West specializes in utility infrastructure services for commercial and residential parcel development; with 20 years of utility experience this knowledge will benefit your bottom line.

Utility West provides a full line of dry utility services for commercial and residential land development.  Coordination of dry utility services is beneficial for the project’s financial success; initially at the due diligence phase throughout the infrastructure management phase.

These services include but are not limited to on-site investigation, identify potential utility conflicts, off-site “bring-up cost”, utility (APS/SRP/ED2, Tucson Electric Power, Trico Electric Coop, Qwest, COX, Southwest and El Paso Natural Gas) design coordination, and infrastructure management. 

Experience proves customer's benefit and value these services:

  • Interface with the architect, civil and electrical engineers regarding utilities requirements.
  • Provide conceptual design layout with associated construction budget.
  • Review equipment standards and construction methods.
  • Manage facility conversions and relocation.
  • Negotiate utility permit and contracts.

In today’s competitive marketplace informed people make the best decisions. With our understanding of the design development process each client will save both time and money.

Projects: Jomax 640
Type: Due Diligence Study
Client: Stantec Consulting, Inc.

Projects: Stacked 40 (One Scottsdale)
Type: Mixed-use
Client: DMB

Projects: Courtyards at DC Ranch
Type: Residential
Client: Camelot Homes

Projects: Triana Park
Type: Mixed-use
Client: Gray Development Group

Projects: Paradise Ridge
Type: Residential
Client: Gray Development Group

Projects: The Reserve
Type: Residential
Client: Land Development Services

Projects: Center Point
Type: Mixed-use
Client: Avenue Communities

Projects: Silverleaf Golf Villa
Type: Residential
Client: Monarch Communities

Projects: Mainstreet Plaza of Scottsdale
Type: Residential
Client: Aaurth and Associates

Projects: Coldwater Ranch
Type: Residential
Client: William Lyon Homes

Projects: Sierra Boulders
Type: Residential
Client: Tri-Mark Development

Projects: Silver Rock
Type: Master Plan Community
Client: St Clair Meyers

Projects: McCartney Ranch
Type: Master Plan Community
Client: Nicholas Homes

Projects: Indigo
Type: Residential
Client: Starpointe Communities

Projects: Sandalo
Type: Residential
Client: Monterey Homes

Projects: Super Block 2
Type: Residential
Client: Meritage Homes of Arizona

Projects: Barolo Place Scottsdale
Type: Residential
Client: Zaremba Residential Co.

Projects: The Palisades
Type: Residential
Client: U.S. Development Land LLC


  • City of Chandler
  • City of Mesa
  • City of Phoenix
  • City of Tempe
  • Communities Southwest
  • Denro Development
  • Federal Court House Building
  • Goodyear Airport Facility Conversion
  • Mirabel Villages
  • Rio Salado 230kV Conversion
  • Site 7; 123 N. Washington
  • Scottsdale Country Club
  • Starpointe Communities
  • Terrabrook/Mirabel
  • 33 mile Fiber Optic Project
  • Tramonto Marketplace
  • Tramonto Parcels
  • Williams Gateway Facility Audit


  • Dental Office Center, Devman Company
  • Lifetime Fitness, Lifetime Fitness Corporate


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