Utility West’s management team provides over 20 years of local utility experience in the field of electrical power, telecommunication, natural gas, and video, voice, and data communications (V2D)™ creating a “communication bridge for the utilities and the owner’s development team, i.e. architect, planner and civil engineer”.

Consulting Utility Services Include:

  • Due Diligence – Site Investigation
  • Conceptual Design Development and Construction Budgets
  • Utility Coordination of Civil Engineering plans through the Design Review Process to permitting Infrastructure Management, Review Utility Schedule, Manpower and Equipment Allocation

As Needed Services:

  • Expedite Municipalities Design Review Process
  • Review Utility Contracts and Agreements
  • Evaluate Engineering and Design Issues
  • Administer Refund Check from Utilities
  • Present Owner’s Interest at Re-Zoning Cases (Meetings)
  • Advise on Environmental Utility Studies

Future Services:

  • Design Electrical, Communication, and Natural Gas Distribution Systems
  • Lobby for Neighborhood Protection in High Voltage Transmission and Sub-Station Corridors

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